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Cost effective advantage of one device that acts as two
With a best synthesis of robust one time password (OTP) technology and reputabled PKI finalizing and file encryption Hybrid Token can cut the expense of a conventional protection solution in half. Hybrid Token is crafted to the worldwide requirements of the Open Authorization (OATH) consortium and is supported by the OATH compliant OTP Verification System (FOAS) among others. FOAS is a highly secure back end server crafted to interoperate effortlessly with all Hybrid Token. By adopting the total option consumers minimize IT overhead, upkeep, and management.

Adaptable and Rugged Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication with Hybrid Token uses something you understand, your username and password, with something you have, the distinctly created OTP number, to guarantee only genuine users gain network access to delicate information and info. Compact and stable token building design enables individuals to quickly save and handle their hardware module. Enhanced battery life makes Hybrid Tokens a solid financial investment for many years to come.

Steady and Reliable Security Standards
PKI innovation is based upon a high performance smart card chip innovation, while the onboard USB connection port eliminates the requirement for an external card reader. Secret cryptography and digital finalizing of emails, files, and transactions take place within the protected self-contained token structure for the safe storage and operation of personal tricks, passwords and digital certificates. The reputable building of primary protection requirements of th Hybrid Token have been meticulously checked against the rigorous criteria of international third-party experts. Hybrid Token comes equipped with operating middleware for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


    Built-in high-performance secure smart card chip and Card Operating System with proprietary IP

  • Onboard RSA, DES/3DES, SHA algorithms
  • Support X.509 v3 standard certificate. Support storing multiple certificate on one device
  • Onboard RSA key pair generation, signature and encryption
  • Hardware random number generator
  • 64 bit universal unique hardware serial number
  • 32KB EEPROM memory to store private keys, multiple certificates and sensitive data
    OATH compliant event-based HOTP device

  • Compliant with OATH open algorithm
  • Easy to be integrated with 3rd party OATH authentication system
  • PSKC format seed code available
    Reliable PKI middleware supports multiple operating systems. Easy integration with various PKI applications

  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Support PKCS #11 standard API and Microsoft CryptoAPI
  • Work with PKCS#11 & CSP compliant software like Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Outlook
    Easy to use OTP and portable

  • Zero footprint authentication
  • Simple one-click to generate the one-time-password
  • Independent to end-user environment. No external connection is needed
  • Compact casing design. Easy to carry
    Flexible customization options

  • Customizable pass code length
  • Customizable middleware interface
  • Faceplate, casing color and serial number customizable
  • Customizable industrial and end-user packaging
    Highly applicable device supports FOAS server

  • Protect application servers of computer system, such as computer login, network login, WLAN login, server login, Website login, mail system login, database login and other application server login.
  • Protect network devices such as routers, exchange servers, firewalls, VPNs, as far as the device supports RADIUS protocol for authentication.
  • Protect application servers of telephone networks, such as telephone banking, telephone stock market and telephone shopping etc.
  • Protect application servers of mobile phone networks, such as mobile phone banking, mobile phone stock market and mobile phone shopping etc.
  • Protect application servers of digital TV (DTV) networks, such as DTV banking, DTV stock market, DTV gaming and DTV shopping etc.
  • Broadly used in finance, insurance, taxation, customs, business, offices, education and entertainment areas with no special request on application server terminals.
PKI Specification:
Supported Operating System32bit and 64bit Windows XP SP3, Server2003 , Vista, Server2008, Seven
32bit and 64bit Linux
MiddlewareWindows middleware for Windows CSP
Direct-called library for PKCS#11 under Windows, Linux and MAC
StandardsX.509 v3 Certificate Storage, SSL v3, IPSec, ISO 7816 1-4 8 9 12, CCID
Cryptographic AlgorithmsRSA 1024 bit
Cryptographic FunctionsOnboard key pair generation
Onboard digital signature and verification
Onboard data encryption and decryption
Cryptographic APIsMicrosoft Crypto API (CAPI
ProcessorSmart card chip
Memory Space32KB (EEPROM)
EnduranceAt least 500,000 write/erase cycles
Data RetentionMore than 10 years

Feature varies according to product model

OTP Specification:
User Interface8-character high contrast LCD display
Built-in button
Security AlgorithmsOATH compliant event-based HOTP
Memory TypeRandom Access Memory (RAM)
EnduranceMore than 10,000 clicks
Battery Lifecycle5 years

Feature varies according to product model

Hardware Specification:
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 full speed, Connector type A (through USB cable)
Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Humidity5% to 90% without condensation

Feature varies according to product model

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