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High Level Security and usability
OTP c600 is an innovative transaction signing and sturdy authorization gadget. It integrates secure transaction finalizing and one-time password (OTP) strong authorization to offer high levelsecurity and use to consumers.

What you see is what you sign
The optical sensor on the OTP c600 checks out deal information from the Webbrowser/mobile device (such as smart phone) and creates a uniqueelectronic signature that is used to verify each deal. End usersneed not to input the deal data into token manually, preventingtyping mistakes and boosting ease. Transaction information is readilyconfigurable and consists of information such as the sum to be moved, account numbers, and other relevant information.

Enhance the Security for Online Financial Services
With OTP c600, financial transactions companies can improve thesecurity for online monetary services and offer smarter operability toend individuals.

OTP c600 is a thorough solution which takes care of all threat levels inonline financial. Advanced cybercrime strategies such as Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle increasing, specifically for financialinstitutions with high-risk deals or heavy volumes, as such, typical authorization modules are woefully insufficient. Fraudulenttransactions might appear to come from genuine individuals, so transactionsneed to be validated; important banking deals require OTP c600.


    Multiple Function

  • SDK available for integration into anynative environment
  • Strong transaction signature
    Very Easy To Use

  • Automatic E-Signature Generation
  • What you see is what you sign
    Multiple Algorithm Support

  • Support OATH
  • proprietary algorithm
    Open Interface

  • SDK available for integration into anynative environment
    High Performance Hardware

  • Hardware Protection
  • Non-Contact
  • Quick Scan
    Flexibility To Customize

  • Appearance (Casing/Faceplate/Logo)
  • Algorithm (OATH and proprietary algorithm)
  • OTP parameter (Length/Time interval)
PKI Specification:
Casing MaterialABS (UV-curable ink)
Dimension70 x 32 x 9 mm
(27.5 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches)
LCD128 x 32 lattice LCD
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 50°C (14° ~ 122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 70°C (-4° ~ 158°F)
Battery Lifetime 3 Years
Supported Algorithm OATH, proprietary algorithm
Time Interval 60 seconds, customizable
OTP Length 6/8 digits, customizable
Seed Length At least 160bit
Supported Screens LCD, LED monitors
Drop Resistance 1 Meter
Anti-Static EN61000-6-2 standard
Anti-HFEA EN61000-6-2 standard
Anti-LFEAMIL-STD-461D standard
CertificationCE / FCC / RoHS

Feature varies according to product model

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