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2 factors of authorization are better than one; similarly BioPass PKI Token provides even more powerful guarantee through the addition of a third layer. Standard two element authentication is based upon:.

(1) Something you know– an unique PIN code.
This single element alone is the basis of the standard “fixed” username and password system.

(2) Something you have– an individual hardware token.
A user has to possess their token (alternatively their mobile phone) in order to recover their special one time password (OTP) and acquire access to the system (two-factor verification).
\* BioPass PKI Token offers the addition of an extremely safe and secure 3rd factor of verification with onboard fingerprint verification, providing individuals access to world class cryptographic technology at the pointers of their fingers!

(3) Something you are– Identification of the user is verified with biometric fingerprint scanning innovation.


    Trusted THREE-factor Authentication on BioPass PKI Key Provides Next Level Secure Access
    Two-factor authentication is based on something you have – your hardware key, and something you know – your personal identification number (PIN). Three-factor authentication adds a new element:Something you are, your unique personal fingerprint, these three aspects combine to offer an elevated level of secure access and identity verification necessary to perform higher level device functionality. This enables BioPass PKI Key to protect the valuable certificate based public key infrastructure (PKI) technology and unique credentials like passwords and private keys from misuse or unauthorized access.

    Onboard fingerprint recognition to catch fraudsters red handed!
    BioPass performs onboard fingerprint recognition to grant access to user log in credentials, encryption and digital signing capabilities. With the user fingerprint stored and operated onboard there is no chance for people to crack the key or violate the recognition process. The optimized onboard fingerprint matching program prevents fraudulent log in; providing a perfect rate of recognition.
    Retain fingerprint data images taken with highly sensitive print reader
    The BioPass onboard thermal fingerprint reader is highly sensitive. The reader capability can be utilized to generate high-resolution finger print pictures. The picture can be stored to computer database and work with other biometric applications.
    Three factor digital signature safeguards the integrity of digital communications
    BioPass can be used as a highly secure three factor authentication digital signature device for deployments in situations which require the utmost identity assurance such as healthcare, insurance, and micro-finance. A digital signature affixes an official stamp on a file to ensure that the content of a digital document has not been unduly modified; this is crucial in ensuring the integrity of online communications and transactions.
    Self-Contained cryptographic processing delivers stable execution away from the host computer environment
    BioPass PKI Token offers complete onboard key generation and cryptographic processing all self-contained in the secure environment of the hardware module. With significant user memory the BioPass PKI Token can store and maintain multiple certificates, fingerprints, keys, passwords, data and applications.
    Onboard fingerprint sensor for higher security protection

  • Thermal differentiating fingerprint sensor durable for swiping more than 1 million times
  • Onboard fingerprint capture, storage and verification
  • Store up to 8 fingerprint samples
    Built-in high-performance 32bit secure smart card chip

  • Onboard RSA, DES/3DES, SHA-1 algorithms
  • Hardware random number generator
  • 64KB EEPROM memory to store private keys, multiple certificates and sensitive data
    Card Operating System with proprietary IP

  • Fingerprint recognition algorithm with proprietary IP
  • Secure messaging ensures confidentiality between the key and the application
  • Support X.509 v3 standard certificate. Support storing multiple certificate on one device
  • Onboard RSA2048 key pair generation, signature and encryption
    Compact hardware USB key

  • USB full speed device
  • Compliant with ISO 7816 1-4 8 9 12, PC/SC
    Reliable middleware supports multiple operating systems

  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Support PKCS #11 standard API and Microsoft CryptoAPI
  • Work with PKCS#11 & CSP compliant software like Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Outlook
    Easy integration with various PKI application

  • Ideal device to carry digital certificate and work with all certificate related applications
  • Highly security ensured device for computer and network sign-on
  • Easy-to-use web authentication, Plug & Play under Windows systems
  • Support document, email and transaction signature and encryption
Product Hardware Specification:
Supported Operating System32bit and 64bit Windows XP SP3, Server2003 , Vista, Server2008, 7
MiddlewareWindows middleware for Microsoft CSP and PKCS#11
StandardsX.509 v3 Certificate Storage, SSL v3, IPSec, ISO 7816 1-4 8 9
Cryptographic AlgorithmsRSA 512/1024/RSA 2048 bit
Cryptographic FunctionsOnboard key pair generation
Onboard digital signature and verification
Onboard data encryption and decryption
Cryptographic APIsMicrosoft Crypto API (CAPI), Cryptography API:Next Generation (CNG)
Processor32 bit smart card chip
Memory Space64KB (EEPROM)
EnduranceAt least 500,000 write/erase cycles
Data RetentionMore than 10 years
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 full speed, Connector type A
InterfaceISO 7816
Power ConsumptionLess than 500mW
Operating Temperature5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)
Humidity0% to 100% without condensation

Feature varies according to product model

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