What's New on ROCKEY4ND?

ROCKEY4ND is our enhanced version of the most popular ROCKEY4 model. We develop ROCKEY4ND based on our customers' suggestions together with our market study. This new model will definitely add stronger momentum to make ROCKEY4 ahead of the other similar products in the market.

New Features are:


Completely Plug & Play without the need to install any device driver, the supported operating System (Win98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Linux/Mac OS X) will recognize ROCKEY4ND as an HID device in the system. Perfect solution to eliminate potential end user technical support issue arise on device driver.

Bigger Memory

ROCKEY4ND come with total 1000 bytes User Data Zone, i.e. 500 bytes low memory area which can be read/written with Basic Passwords (P1 & P2) and 500 bytes high memory which can only be written with Advanced Passwords (P3 & P4) but still readable with Basic Passwords (P1 & P2).

More Modules

ROCKEY4ND has increased Module Zones from previously 16 Modules to now 64 Modules. You can now protect up to 64 software modules/products with a single ROCKEY4ND.

More Algorithms

ROCKEY4ND comes with 128 User Definable Algorithms which will allow developers to include more comprehensive security algorithms as they wish.

100% Compatible with old ROCKEY4

ROCKEY4 programs can be seamlessly migrated to ROCKEY4ND without the need to modify source code. All the APIs are the same except the dll/lib files, what you need to do is just replace the old dll/lib files.


Should I Consider Upgrading to ROCKEY4ND?

Best Choice for New ROCKEY4 Customers

For any new customer who are interested to try ROCKEY4 Standalone models, definitely ROCKEY4ND is the best choice compared to ROCKEY4 Standard and ROCKEY4 Plus. New customers should use ROCKEY4ND from the start unless customer also need LPT model for end users using older version of Operating System that do not support USB port.

Consideration for Existing ROCKEY4 Customers

For existing ROCKEY4 customers, you can still consider whether you should make such changes on your future order with below consideration:-

  • USB Model only - Since ROCKEY4ND is only available on USB model, you shouldn't consider upgrade if you are currently using mainly LPT model.

  • Extensive Use of Memory - If you make extensive use of ROCKEY4 Internal Memory for your protection implementation. ROCKEY4ND come with bigger memory, i.e. 1000 bytes User Data Zone, 64 Module Zones, and 128 User Defined Algorithms.

  • Convenience of Driverless option - If you prefer a more user friendly and convenient implementation of ROCKEY4ND, completely Plug & Play without any device driver installation needed. Indirectly, this will eliminate potential end user technical support issue arising from device driver problem.


How Do I Start?

To evaluate ROCKEY4ND, you can either start ordering the following developer kit specifically designed for evaluation purposes, or request 1 or 2 ROCKEY4ND in your future ROCKEY4 order.

ROCKEY4ND Developer Kit- USD 15.90 Package includes:
  • One Rockey4ND USB DEMO Dongle

  • One SDK CD-ROM

  • Developer's Guide (soft copy)


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  Software License Protection Security Dongle  
  Windows7 32 and 62 bit Driver for ROCKEY4 has been updated.Download Now  
  ROCKEY has released a series of new tools for it's entire ROCKEY's family Software Protection Dongle's model such as the Flash media enveloper tool, DOT Net (.Net) Shell enveloper tool.  
  ROCKEY4ND USB Driverless Dongle now not only work perfectly within Window's OS also support latest MAC OS X SDK and Linux SDK.  
  ROCKEY6 Smart now could support Linux Platform. Download driver.  
  2 Factor Authentication Security (2FA)  
  ePass3003 - 32bit MCU intergrated with 512K flash Auto Installer Token which support upto 2048-bit RSA Key Pairs Generation Onboard.  
  One Time Password Generator Token (New!) -- OATH (Open AuTHentication) and Radius compliant low cost dynamic One-Time Password generator.  
  Smart Card Reader (Full & Sim sized)