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Reader R502-CL is a contactless smart card reader. It is based upon CCID Driver. It supports contactless cards certified with ISO 14443 and contactless cards following Mifare criterion. Developers use it as a platform to produce and deploy relevant services and products. Moreover, Reader R502-CL is a terminal space which is flawlessly incorporated to all significant systems of operation. Extra features such as the built-in inclusive support for various smart card interfaces has assisted in the broad scale and cross sector adoption of Reader 502-CL.

R502-CL is a terminal user interface gadget for smart card applications and system integrations. It can be extensively used in industries or applications needing electronic repayment and verification, particularly appropriate for the high security industries. It is an optimal solution for authentication, e-commerce, monetary companies, gain access to control and so on.


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Device
  • Compliant with PC/SC, CCID Standards
  • Firmware supports upgrading in encryption
  • Reader ID is configurable
  • Compliant with EMV Level 1
  • Build-in antenna
  • Supports contactless smart cards compliant with ISO 14443 type A and B
  • Support Mifare classic and Mifare Ultrglight C
  • Contactless function can be turned off in specific environment
  • Support Windows 2000+/Linux/Mac OS X
Product Hardware Specification:
InterfaceUSB 2.0 Full Speed
Supply VoltageUSB Interface, 5VDC
Supply Current <100mA
Operating Temperature0°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity0 to 90% without Condensatio
Storage Humidity0 to 90% without Condensation
Standards & SpecificationsISO 14443
EMV 2000 Level 1
Supported Contactless CardsISO 14443 Type A and B
Mifare Classic and Mifare
Ultralight C
Card Clock Frequency:13.56MHz
Card Read/Write Speed:106kbps
Operation Distance:5cm~10cm
Supported OSWindows2000/xp/2003/2008/windows 7
Mac OS X

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