ROCKEY2 is among the most economical software application security dongles. It is built with 2560 bytes EEPROM, which can satisfy most requirements for keeping more on-chip information. ROCKEY2 is also a basic USB user interface based HID device, which can be driverless under Windows, Linux and MAC etc.,

therefore make it easy to use and really low cost. Each ROCKEY2 dongle consists of a globally one-of-a-kind Hardware ID for designers to recognize the device. HIDis the unchangeable ID that has actually been burn into the dongle during manufacturing. An additional Individual ID is likewise offered designers to identify various clients. Designers can generate their own UID by placing approximately 64 bytes of Seed Code. UID is the secret for users to access the content kept in dongle memory.

Software application suppliers can apply the dongle with either enveloper device or programming APIs. The enveloper device can secure the executable program with well designed covering file encryption strategy. No additional developing work is needed. For sophisticated designers, the programming API is the very best selection. Almost all the programming languages and environments are supported. The fluent and luxuriant sample codes make developing work delightful.

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  • Low Cost – ROCKEY2 is aimed for developer who wish to deploy dongle protection with but with limited budget. For example if your software is selling below USD100 and you are searching for a cost effective dongle protection then ROCKEY2 will be your best choice.
  • Simplicity – ROCKEY2 software security dongle is extremely easy to implement if you just want simple software protection.
  • USB Non-driver Device under Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Mass Capacity Secure Memory
  • Automatically Protect Windows PE (.exe, .dll) program, Flash Media, .NET program and Linux application
  • Universal Unique Hardware ID
  • Samples available for BCB, Delphi, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Python, Visual Basic, VBA, Visual C++, C# etc.
  • Standard USB 1.1 Device. Support USB 2.0 Interface
Product Memory
Memory ZoneMemory Zone DescriptionRockey2
Hardware IDGlobally unique identifier32-bit
User ID ZoneUser defined identifier32-bit
Data Zone5 blocks of 512 bytes memory2560 bytes
Latest Software Developer Kit (SDK)
ROCKEY2 Complete SDKRequest
ROCKEY2 Linux’s SDK50KB01 Aug 2007
ROCKEY2 Complete SDK168KB17 Dec 2008
User Manuals and Guides:
ROCKEY2 Developer’s Guide682KB12 Dec 2003
Device Drivers:
ROCKEY2 Driver for Win98SE38KB18 Nov 2005
Utilities and Software:
ROCKEY2 UID Generator177KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 Bulk Production Tool182KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 Envelope Engine276KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 .NET Envelope Engine1,300KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 Flash Enveloper2,794KB01 March 2007
API Libraries & Sample Source Codes:
ROCKEY2 API 32 Libraries28KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API x64 Libraries6KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for VisualStudio.NET175KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for ASP.NET113KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Delphi250KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Java38KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Foxpro31KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for PowerBuilder2,815KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Python20KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Visual Basic 6.028KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for Visual C 6.024KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for MS Access47KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for BCB509KB01 March 2007
ROCKEY2 API Samples for x642KB01 March 2007
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

This FAQ or frequently asked questions section will help you resolve some questions you or your customers may run into when using ROCKEY2 Software Protection product. We have listed the questions and the answers here for your reference.

1. What is the developer’s kit or evaluation kit?

The Developer’s Kit or DK is a preset package we send to developers for the purpose of evaluation. It includes one Developer’s Guide, SDK CD-ROM, and one ROCKEY2 USB dongle.

2. How is ROCKEY2 password system work?

ROCKEY2 password system is different than other ROCKEY models; first developers have to set their ROCKEY2 to a Unique ID (UID) by using up to 64 bytes of Seed Code. Later, the UID will be used to access into ROCKEY2’s functions, thus acts like a password.

3. How secure is the UID, can anyone generate the same UID ROCKEY2 as mine?

ROCKEY2’s strong encryption engine for UID generation can guarantee there is no reverse engineering possible by knowing one’s UID to get the Seed Code. However, if someone have your Seed Code, they will be able to generate the same ROCKEY2 UID as yours. It is very important to keep the Seed Code long enough and keep it safe from unauthorized access.

4. Why after setting ROCKEY2 to my UID I can still access the memory content of this dongle with a wrong UID?

ROCKEY2’s hardware architecture is very simple and its memory is not protected. It is advisable to add in your own simple encryption/decryption while writing/reading from ROCKEY2. For example +5 when writing and -5 when reading. A value 10 inside your ROCKEY is actually 5 in your program.

5. Can I reset ROCKEY2’s UID later?

Yes, ROCKEY2 allows you to reset it with a new Seed Code whenever you need it.

6. Can I order less than 100 units ROCKEY2?

No, ROCKEY2’s minimum order is 100 units as this low cost option is aimed for Mass Market software selling at low margin with tight budget to spent on dongle. If you only need low quantity, please consider ROCKEY4 instead.

7. Do I need to install driver for ROCKEY2 when installing my program at my client site?

No, ROCKEY2 is driverless and is a native device to supported Operating Systems, no driver installation required and is Plug & Play.


This section provides some troubleshooting suggestion related to technical support issues arises from end user implementation on ROCKEY2.

Useful Tips for Diagnosing ROCKEY2 problems, please try below before proceeding to the following FAQs.

Step 1 : Unplug ROCKEY2 dongle from PC, reboot the system.

Step 2 : Re-plug ROCKEY2 onto a different USB port.

Step 3 : Run your program which has been integrated with ROCKEY2 protection again.

1. Why the ROCKEY2’s LED keep blinking and my program show “Dongle not found” error?

There are 2 common possibilities to cause this happen:

a. The HID driver does not install properly thus unplugging the ROCKEY2, rebooting the system and re-plugging again will be necessary. Sometimes the same problem will happen if the particular USB port is malfunctioning, please confirm the problem by trying other USB devices such as a USB Thumb drive. If other USB devices also cannot function correctly, try ROCKEY2 in another PC or contact your hardware vendor.

b. The ROCKEY2 malfunctioned. To further confirm this situation, replace another ROCKEY2 and if the 2nd unit functions well then we can confirm the 1st unit malfunctioned. Please send the faulty unit back to our Warranty department for replacement.

2. How come the ROCKEY2’s UID seem to be changed after my end user using it for sometimes although I confirm this is my ROCKEY2 by checking on its HID.

There are experiences where some ROCKEY2’s chipset faulty thus the UID is changed but the device still allow to reset the UID and for other functions. We advise customer to contact our to further diagnose the situation.

3. ROCKEY2’s LED doesn’t lit at all, even with different USB ports and PCs?

This is very likely ROCKEY2’s chipset malfunction, please send it back for warranty.