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ROCKEY7 .NET Dongle is the most up to date CCID Compliant Device with sophisticated microprocessor wise chip based software application license protection dongle. It integrates high smart card level safety together with extremely hassle-free non-coding integration solution specifically designed for.NET applications protection. Simply follow basic couple of steps from offered designer devices and your.NET application will be shielded.ROCKEY7 .NET Dongle is embedded with Microsoft Certified.NET Virtual Equipment where the intelligent enveloper will automatically assess targeted.NET application and download selected core part of its application into ROCKEY7 .NET. WEB wise chip, now, the application prepares to deal with ROCKEY7 .NET. This module migration concept can assure that the external application can never ever be totally reversed decompile. Various other advantage about smart card architecture where the gadget is assurance not have the ability to replicate and make sure for optimum hardware level security against piracy attacks.

ROCKEY7 .NET includes additional features such as Multi-licensing Mode (Soft Timer, Time Expiry Date, Pay per Use, and so on) as well as built-in with On-board Algorithm File encryption.


.NET Ready

  • ROCKEY7.NET is embedded with Microsoft Certified .NET Virtual Machine and is specifically designed to protect .NET applications by nature.
  • First .NET software licensing protection dongle in the world.

High Security against Duplication

  • Unique Integration Concept – Core part of the application is running inside ROCKEY7.NET protected smart card environment.

Non-Coding Integration

  • Intelligent Analyze and Encryption tool – ROCKEY7.NET Smart Enveloper Tool will automatically perform the integration without additional coding required.
  • Minimum Learning – Comprehensive SDK together with intelligent developer tools and utilities ensure for a smooth and easy integration.

Reduce Supporting Issue

  • CCID Compliant Device –ROCKEY7.NET is a CCID compliant device which does not require any driver installation and native supported by Windows OS from Window 2000 and above, will never encounter device driver compatibility issue.
  • Secure & Easy Remote Update – ROCKEY7.NET supports secure remote update for developer to amend any licensing settings including updates and upgrades in easy way. Just need to use secure remote update tool.
Product Features:
  • 32-bit High Performance Micropocessor Smart Chip Based
    Utilizing high speed 32-bit microprocessor smart chip as the base architecture to ensure maximum performace and security.
  • Module/Key functions Migration Concept
    ROCKEY7.NET provides a smart encryption tool which migrates core functions of any .NET application into the smart chip automatically for effective protection. The protected elements are implemented by .NET applets in the dongle. This module migration concept can assure that the outer application cannot be fully recersed or decompile.
  • Self-define Security Password/Accesss Code
    ROCKEY7.NET Developers can set and change their device password/access code by using the seed code to ensure higher privacy and control.
  • Multi Levels Access Right Management
    Supports multi level access right management to facilitate different access rights for different members in the project development team.
  • Secure Communication
    Built-in with advanced encryption/decryption on communication together with time gate between firmware and hardware to prevent deugging and emulator attacks.
  • Module Zone
    Up to 64 secure protected Module Zone which facilitate unreadable memory and can also be used as the validity flags to protect up to 64 software modules, provides easy and flexible licensing management.
  • Globally Unique Hardware ID
    96-bit pre-burnt and unchangeable globally unique hardware ID provides unique reference on each individual ROCKEY7.NET dongle. Even we as the manufacturer do not have privillege to change it.
  • Soft Timer
    Built-in with innovative soft timer that requres no battery but still able to offer time limitation protection such as expiry time or date.
Security features:
Globally Unique Hardware ID96bits
User Defined Product ID32bits, Default value “FFFFFFFF”
SO PIN64bits, Default value “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”
SO PIN Retry Times10
Timer UnitAllowing datetime based authentication
Counter UnitAllowing to control used times
Enveloper ToolHigh strength automatic encryption tool
Remote Update ToolSecure remote update solution
Product Hardware Specification:
Interface TypeStandard USB 2.0, full speed
Processor32bits Smart Card Chip
Memory Space50KB
Casing Dimension64mm x 21mm x 15mm (B3)
ColorWhite and Red
Casing MaterialABS
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to 80°C
Humidity20% to 80%
Power Consumption<500mW
Working Volt3.3V I/O   2.5V Core
Working Current<100mA
Data RetentionAt least 10 years
Rewrite TimesAt least 100,000


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