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ROCKEY’s Mission is to be the market leader by providing Smart Solutions for today & tomorrow Digital Security needs

Who We Are

RROCKEY.com.my is the online store showcase full range of ROCKEY’s software protection dongle products and is fully operate and own by ROCKEY my teams , the oldest ROCKEY online store. ROCKEY.com.my has built its great reputation as one of the premier brand in Digital Security industry with its quality and innovative products with strong pricing advantage. ROCKEY’s products include ROCKEY Software License and Copyright Protection Dongles, Smart Card readers & Etc.

At ROCKEY, our philosophy is to listen and understand what the software market needs. Being innovative by developing products with great features that serve the real Digital Security needs. With our effective production and logistic process, we manage to produce better software protection dongle product at lower cost. Marketing synergy with worldwide partners network together with our commitment on high quality after sales services and continuously R&D, ROCKEY become the fastest growth brand in the software protection and information security industry.

What We Focus

Software Protection

ROCKEY encryption technology protects a plethora of information and applications, including media files, data, and software based on linux, windows, and mac operating systems.


Smart Card Reader

Smart card technology is revolutionizing the way that organizations conduct business, the way that consumers make purchases, and the way that municipalities regulate citizens.


Our Product

our software protection dongle products have proven to serve the needs of the market and satisfying our customers.

Our Product


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