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Project Description


Most powerful Uncrackable Smart Card Based Software Protection Dongle




ROCKEY6SMART is a smart card chip based software application security dongle with inbuilt C51 virtual device. The C51 virtual machine permits little application being performed onboard. Hence designer can move a part of the features to the dongle. Dongle will perform as a part of the application. Without the dongle, the application is not full. Even software application is replicated, it is absence of core functions being protected in the dongle. The feature migration concept is a brand-new generation of software application security strategy, which can offer outright protection to applications.

ROCKEY6SMART is a smartcard-based dongle which offers highly protected full-featured software defense solution for software application designers over a number of running platforms. It is a high-speed driverless Human Interface Gadget (HID), offering approximately 64K on board memory storage space and high-strength file encryption algorithms such as RSA and DES. Through the versatile remote-update and function management attributes of ROCKEY6 SMART, software application developers can quickly utilize numerous sales patterns like lease, trial and sale on application functions in an outright pirate-free means.

Why Rockey6 Smart?

Smartest and Uncrackable Security

ROCKEY6makes it virtually impossible for hackers to track, debug or read the intercommunication between the protected application and special programs insideROCKEY6. In hardware, it is also not possible to duplicate nor access without proper authorities.

User Friendliness for End User

ROCKEY6Smart driverless technology will ease end user installation and eliminate potential technical support issue arise from device driver problem. It also provide familiar development platform for developer to program the smart card with C51 Keil compiler.

Feature Rich

ROCKEY6Smart comes with many ready-to-use features that will provide developers complete solution with high security level.

  • Customer unique ID codes and globally unique hardware ID
  • Changeable Super Password and up to 16 File Security Level.
  • Onboard Algorithms include RSA, DES, and 3DES.
  • Secure Remote Software Updates based on “One-time-only” password technology.
  • Soft Timer and Internal Counter.
  • Multiple Module Management Schemes.
  • Batch Production Tool.
  • Enveloper.
  • Secure file transfer.

Highest Performance in the Industry

32-bit CPU, smart card and reader on the single chip, together with proprietary fast transfer architecture; ROCKEY6Smart simply just outperform all other competing products even with the most complex computation.

Value for Money

World class security product at generally affordable pricing,ROCKEY6Smart give everyone no reason to reject.

Product Detail

  • High-Speed HID Device
  • 32bits High Performance Smart Card Chip
  • Built-in C51 Virtual Machine
  • Global Unique Hardware ID and Site-Specific Management Code
  • 64KB User Memory Space
  • Card Operating System with Proprietary IP
  • Built-in RSA, DES Algorithms
  • Built-in Double-Precision Floating Point Mathematical Operations
  • Built-in Counter and Runtime Timer
  • Provide Integrated Management Environment
  • Support Easy & Secure Remote Update Solution
Safety features:
User Space64K
Hardware Chipset32-bit High-Performance Smart Card
Hardware Re-programmable AbilityProvides Development Interface based on C51 Language
Data StorageExecutable and Encryption Key Files Cannot be Exported Out of the Dongle, Against Leakage of Core Functions
Data SafetySmartcard Chip Hardware Guarantees Safety of Data onboard
Asymmetric AlgorithmHardware Supports 512/1024-bits RSA Asymmetric Algorithm
Symmetric AlgorithmHardware Supports DES/3DES Symmetric Algorithm
Complex Mathematical OperationsHardware Supports Double Precision Dloating Point Mathematical Operations
Remote UpdateSecure Remote Update based on RSA Asymmetric Encryption Mechanism
Product Hardware Specification:
Interface TypeStandard USB 1.1, USB2.0 Compliant
Processor32bits High-Performance Smart Card Chip
User Memory Space64KB
On-Board Security AlgorithmsRSA, DES, 3DES, Floating Point Operations
Maximum Number of Concurrent Devices16
Operating Temperature0°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to 80°C
Humidity20%-80% No Condensation
Power SupplyUSB Port
Power Consumption<500mW
Working Voltage3.3V I/O 2.5V core
Working Current<100mA
CertificationCE, FCC
Data Retention PeriodAt Least 10 Years
Dimension64 x 21 x 15mm (B3 Casing)
Weight12.3g (B3 Casing)
Latest Software Developer Kit (SDK)
ROCKEY6Smart Complete SDK- Full PackageRequest
User Manuals and Guides:
ROCKEY6 Tutorials1,163KB18 Nov 2005
ROCKEY6 User Manual2,577KB30 Aug 2007
ROCKEY6 Remote Update Tool’s Manual for End User 159KB30 Aug 2007
Device Drivers:
ROCKEY6 Drivers for Windows79KB30 Aug 2007
Utilities and Software:
ROCKEY6 Tools2,394KB28 Aug 2007
API Libraries & Sample Source Codes:
ROCKEY6 API32 Libraries608KB24 Aug 2007
ROCKEY6 Samples For API32 1,011KB31 Mac 2008
ROCKEY6 API Libraries for x6481KB24 Aug 2007
ROCKEY6 Samples For x64680KB24 Aug 2007
ROCKEY6 Complete API Sample Source Code(incl API 32,x64, C51,COM, Solution, Tutorial)2,153KB24 Aug 2007


This FAQ or frequently asked questions section will help you resolve some questions you or your customers may run into when using ROCKEY6 Smart Software Protection product. We have listed the questions and the answers here for your reference.

The Developer’s Kit or DK is a preset package we send to developers for the purpose of evaluation. It includes one Developer’s Guide, SDK CD-ROM, and one ROCKEY6 Smart dongle. You will find many useful API samples, tutorials and graphical explanation inside the Developer’s Kit. It is a comprehensive kit for you to evaluate and integrate ROCKEY6 Smart.

ROCKEY6 is built using the combination of smart card technology and software protection technology. It enable developers to transplant core part of application code or critical algorithms into ROCKEY6‘s secure environment and act like a “black box” when it is executed. Furthermore, ROCKEY6‘s COS is developed and owned by ROCKEY, this ensure highest security integrity on ROCKEY6. Other advanced features include “class coding”, “privilege codes” and “remote update management” will add strong flexibility on integrating ROCKEY6 into your applications. ROCKEY6 provide you the strongest smart software protection that is far ahead those of traditional dongles, it is virtually uncrackable.

ROCKEY6 Smart come with unchangeable globally unique customer ID and a changeable super password. By using this super password, developers can set up to 16 security privileges for ROCKEY6‘s 16 file security levels. For the remote update, ROCKEY6support “one-time-only” password technology.

ROCKEY6 might require longer learning time compared to other models but if one already have the experience on smart cards technology or at least on C Language, it can be easier. In ROCKEY6‘s SDK, there are comprehensive Developer’s Guide, useful samples, and concept Tutorials provided to ease your learning on ROCKEY6.

Development Steps:

1. Separate the core program from the main program. Convert the core program to an external program by compiling it to C51 Project.

2. Compile and debug the external program with the ROCKEY6 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) until the program runs properly. You can also debug in combination with the main program’s development environment.

3. Write the compiled executable file into ROCKEY6 Smart dongle.

4. Write the API communication between the main program and ROCKEY6 Smart.


This section provide some troubleshooting suggestions related to any technical support issues arises from end user implementation on ROCKEY6 Smart.

  • If you find the LED is not turned on, please:
    • Check whether the USB port functions correctly, try with other USB devices on the same port, if the USB port have problems, please change to another USB port or use another PC.
    • Check whether the driver is properly installed, to confirm please unplug ROCKEY6 -> reboot -> re-plug ROCKEY6.
  • If the problem still persists, please contact our technical support engineers.

As ROCKEY6 need to be activated with Admin Right by nature, it can either be resolved by logging in with Administrator Rights, run the programs requiring ROCKEY6 as Administrator, or try the patch that support Windows Vista to detect ROCKEY6 without Admin Right (note that to install the patch you would have to be an Administrator). Please check ROCKEY6download tab above for other related downloads.


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